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SCM Members Featured Mustang for December 2016

Daniel K Lagassee 's 1966 Mustang Fastback 200 sprint

"I have a 1966 mustang fastback 200 sprint. When I was fifteen my brother taught me how to drive in his 1965 mustang fastback. I have had a love for the 1965 and 1966 ever since then. It is an automatic and it has a 6 cylinder. I bought it at cruisen the coast in Gulfport Mississippi in October 2015. The work I have had done to it so far was to add power steering and power brakes although I still have drums. So far I have only done a few Sunday drives in it and I have driven it to work on weekends several times. Of course I have several projects I am planning on doing to it in the future. My plans are to keep this car for as long as I can drive", Daniel.

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