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SCM Members Featured Mustang for May 2017

Olivia Barnes 1994 GT Convertible

It’s a 1994 Mustang GT Convertible that was bought sight unseen at an estate sale my brother was doing in Dallas. He called me and proceeded to tell me about the car and him not being a car guy, I simply just asked what the fender emblem said. He replied “GT”. I told him I would take it. So after a winning $1000.00 bid the car was shipped to me. It sat at work for around 3 months and I put a hot battery in it took the 24 mile journey home in her. After I got the car home Olivia my daughter at the time who was 9 just fell in love with the car. So just like all parents everything we own in the world ends up belonging to them.

Fast forward 2 years later and the work started on the old girl. Everything we decided to do to the car, paint, wheels, stripe, shifter, gauges, etc. all had to meet the approval of Olivia. As the car was in a friends shop while we were doing what little was done to her Olivia “helped”. Even with the cars name Mariah.

She would come get dirty and help sand on it for paint, or when we were doing mechanical work just showing her how the individual components done their job to make it run. Now everyone in the family both the club and blood know that the car is really not mine it belongs to Olivia. I love seeing her face light up when she talks about how she helped to make the car what it is. The car is really a part of the family and I am sure it will be for years to come. I just anxiously await for Olivia to get her driver’s license so I can see her drive her car on a cruise with us as a club.

We have the following mods and I am sure more will happen once they meet Olivia’s approval

B&M Ripper Shifter

Calypso Coral 93 Cobra paint

Pure White 3M Super Snake style racing stripe

American Racing 5 spoke polished rims with Cooper Cobra tires

Spec Stage 2 clutch

White Face gauges with chrome trim rings

“Shorty” exhaust with 40 series Flowmasters


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