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SCM Members Featured Mustang for March 2017

Carroll Lee Huff's 1973 Convertible

"A little history Bought it from a Lady by the name of Patricia. She got it in the divorce ( Her husband did not want to give it up) He told her she would not live long driving the car. he kept ins. out on her until she had to park it. ( due to repairs that she could not afford).
The car was off the road for 9 yrs before she was ready to sell it. Back in late spring of 08. I told her that she would be the First lady to ride in that car after I restored it. And she was - With tears in her Eyes. Did not think she was going to get out after the ride was over.

I spent my weekends with that car for 9 months. Turned out to be a great weekend date. Now I can ride her anytime I get a chance.

Starting with replacing the gas tank. While I was under there noticed something hanging just beyond the rear end. Got over to the rear tire, Breaks and cables. Cleaned everything as I went. Replaced the bearings in the rear end.

As I was installing new breaks and hoses. That thing that was hanging, was needle nose vice grips. Clamping off the rear break lines. { I save that hose and returned it to Ms Patricia} Letting her know why her ex kept ins. on her while she was driving the car. We had a good laugh about it. She said she was going to mail it to him and ask if he remembers this.

Completed the under carriage and started with the motor area. Went completely thru it Drive train, Upholstery and all

The color started with a 69 Toyota red. Change to larger metallic flakes and dropped some pearl in it.
Striped out the car and painted it. Did not use the tape for the strips. That's all paint. ( Did use razor tape to cover out the stripped area)
On Dec. 6 of 08

The car is Mustang Grande, 351 Cleveland, added a AOD Trans.

Had it in the warehouse when the Hurricane Ike came in. A tornado caused the Metal building to. Collapsed the walls. Had to cut the shop roll up door out. All the tools, air compressor,work benches, power tools. All disarray. My heart dropped - knowing that mustang is tore up!!. Started throwing things out of the way. clearing a path to the car. moved parts and other things away from the car. With a sick feeling about the car. I Drove the car out of the shop.
Inspected the car. Had to go around it several times. After all the damage in the shop. 2 Walls down roof about to come down. all to the parts, tools, that got blown around.

I only had 3 scratches on the car.

I Love Good Karma,especially when it shows up in my life.

No Dec the 24th after leaving a friends house around 249 and spring cypress. Came around a curve. and found a pine tree had just fallen. With no time to stop I had a choice. I could see the log of the tree straight ahead and the brush of the tree covering the left lane. Went thru the brush. Felt like I should had been warring Spurs for that ride. Heard the Limbs cricking and snapping under the car. Just knew my bottom pans are getting damaged. looking around to see if anything is coming up thru the floor.
Got stopped and checked the car. Woo Hoo all good - just lost the front spoiler & a couple of scratches.
Replaced the front spoiler and buff out the scratches.

It was a great surprise to me when I found out that other people like the car. As I really had no Ideal that anyone would like it. - Cause I built it the way I wanted it. Never did I ever toyed with the thought of car shows, or that anyone would welcome it in the clubs. I just wanted it to ride in (My Car, My Time, My Blood,My Way)

That was until Neftie Fifties personal finally talked me into bringing it out. Since then I have meet many of wonderful people. People that enjoys cars and see other people happy, also.

While doing that car. Had an Ideal of what I was wanting to do with it - to make my ride fun.
Looking forward to the day I can cruise down the road with Chad and his car

DID I SAY I LOVE MY CAR !! and the time I have with My Son & the Guy's with their cars.  "  Carroll Lee Huff

What I love about Mr. Huff and his car is he is not afraid to drive it and have FUN with it.  Thank you for being a Member of SCM Mr. Huff.  Duane.

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