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SCM Members Featured Mustang for October 2017

 Blaine King's 1989 Saleen

SSC 1 of 161. #100


1989 Saleen SSC 1 of 161. #100


I bought this car 4 yrs ago from an individual in McKinney, Texas.  Who had purchased the car from Adam Hair who is a huge pillar in the Saleen community. Adam took amazing care of this SSC and it shows. The car currently has 39,870 miles and seems to increase every year by about 300 miles from going to different shows across Texas.


I bought this car because I can remember being a kid and reading car and driver magazine in the dentist office as they compared the SSC to the current callaway corvette. I said to myself one day Ill own one of these cars one day. At the time Steve Saleen and Tim Allen(at the time had his own show) both raced Saleen on the circuit and seeing this had my attention from then on.


Mustangs are part of my families ritual for us. My wife owns her own 2015 GT and I currently own several fox bodies including a 1993 Cobra, 1991 Mustang Coupe, 1990 Mustang coupe, 1991 Mustang GT and of course my 1989 Saleen SSC. They all have their own individual uniqueness to me and I enjoy driving and showing them.

Many Thanks,  Blaine King

One heck of a Mustang Blaine!  Blaine picked up

"The Best of SCM" trophy at the All Mustang Show at the Kemah Boardwalk 2017 for his fine efforts in preserving this wonderful car.   Good Job Sir!

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