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SCM Members Featured Mustang for November 2015

 Ben LeSaicherre 86' Ford Mustang LX 5.0L Notchback


My car is an 86' Ford Mustang LX 5.0L notchback black w/ red interior, called Black Sunshine. I purchased her back in 96' after graduating high school, was originally looking for a hatchback until this notchback came up for sale.  (A brief back history on this mustang was it was purchased as a retirement gift for an Onalaska police detective, which he could drive stick. The car ended up at a police auto auction which the P.O. purchased.) Now through the years she has had some upgrades to the engine, interior and exterior.  Later on, in 06', she got the opportunity to be photographed for Modified Mustang, which didn't work out in the end. Today she sits as a classic example of a street/strip foxbody notchback. 

     The 86' started its life with me as bone stock as it can get. Eventually she got a few bolts such as a Cobra intake, pulleys and gears. She stayed that way for many years until 12' when the engine blew.  Today she is a Paxton supercharged 306, running 9.5:1, using a stock block, with a balanced stock crank. The top end consists of a Holley Systemax intake, AFR 185 heads, FTI custom grind. The bottom end is fairly stock, with the exception of SCAT rods, Speed Pro pistons, and FMS/DSS main girdle to hold everything together. The air and fuel delivery consists of a Pro-M 80mm meter connected to a 4" power pipe to the intake of the Paxton Novi 1000 and discharges to a Holley 75mm throttle body. To support the high fuel demand 42# injectors and 340 lph fuel pump keeps everything in check. All of this is tuned with a Moates Quarterhorse chip connected to a A9L EEC from a 93' mustang. Machine work was done by a shop, and all assembly, down to the crank, along with tuning is done by yours truly.

      She sports a full on exhaust with BBK shorties, off-road x-pipe and Dynomax super turbo mufflers w/ 3" tails out back. Also to transfer that power to the ground, she sports a T5-Z tranny with 3.73 gears out back, along with 17" 01' Bullitt rims w/ Cooper tires all around. Suspension and chassis had a little work. To keep that body nice and stiff Kenny Brown subframe connectors were welded in along with a bolt in 4-point lower. The rear got a little help from a set of D&D Motorsport upper and lower rear control arms. 

       I kept the exterior looking aggressive but subtle. The quarter windows were upgraded from the glass and louvers to the newer 87+ mustang quarter windows to give her that smoother look. The hood was upgraded due to the engine sitting high, to 3.25 cowled hood. The tail lights after many past problems got fitted with 79-82 tail light assemblies. 



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